My Favorite Things!

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Slayer - Raining Blood
i like to eat and i like to make memes
my favorite color is eye-piercing pink
bob ross is my favorite artist

i like it when he paints happy trees
my favorite food is pizza

i like cats!

that is one fast cat!!!
My favorite song is Never Gonna Give you up by Rick Astley
i like that song because it is a good me me and it is funny to prank your friends

i can't put a link here because mr wright said no
my favorite font on the computer is comic sans because it is good

here is the OSI reference model i made for mr wrights class

download cool wallpapers for your computer! (links to external website)
my favorite book is green eggs and ham by doctor seuss

get ready for endless gifs

my favorite animal is a dragon
here are some cool pictures of dragons

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