Fun Games for you to play!

Cool and awesome games that we found for you to play in your web browser!

This game is called slope. You're a ball rolling down a hill. It's really hard. My highest score is 96.
A game kinda like Civ or Chess I guess. It's fun to ally with friends and conquer the whole world.
A snake game where you caputre blocks and try to become number one. Don't let anyone run into you! You can also play with friends in a team, which makes the game a lot more fun.
The OG io game. It's basically a bunch of cells going around eating eachother. If you haven't heard of then you haven't been to a school in the past 4 years.
A game where you are a mouse cursor. You have to go through a maze. You also have to colaborate with other people playing the game to get through the maze. An excersize in teamwork.
2D PUBG in the browser. Need I say more?

A really good game where you have to escape a hole by pressing the escape key.

A cool isometric minigolf game. It's really cool.
A 2D tanks game thing that I don't really know how to describe.
Flappy Bird MMO. It's just as hard and as rage inducing as the original.

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