by Andy Ziogas
Graphic Designer, Programmer, Maker
While not my primary focus, I sometimes write code for fun. Here are some of the projects that I have done.
April Fools 2018
As an April Fools Joke, I decided to create a poorly designed website and replace my current website with the new one. The website included some projects that I worked on in school, and other fun things, like an index of online games, a few poorly made videos, and some links to my other projects. The website is still available here.

On my Github page you can find open source projects I have created and contributed to. Link

Twitter Robot
I created a Twitter robot that posts random things to Twitter every hour. I created a special algorithm, and gave it the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. CONTENT WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT! Link to account. This project is also Open Source with the code available here.

Graphic Design

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